DPP4.0 – The Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0

The Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 is an industry-ready tool for documenting and providing product information in a human- and machine-readable format accessible for various parties such as companies, authorities and users.

How does it work?

Digital Product Passport

Digital Twin based on the Asset Administration Shell

The Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 (DPP4.0) allows the documentation and provision of mandatory product information. The DPP4.0 can be accessed via the identification link (ID link) attached to the product. The provided information is structured using the standardised Asset Administration Shell. This allows various users to get quick and easy access to product information across the entire value chain based on their needs.

  • Product information of the whole product lifecycle in use case specific submodels
  • Controlled access to product information based on different authentication methods
  • Instance-related, one-to-one product identification by means of ID link
Submodels for any Other Digital Services Submodels including mandatory DPP-Information DNP4.0 (Digital Nameplate)

Asset Administration Shell

Complete representation of an asset

As an important element of Industry 4.0, the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) manages the information of a component, machine, plant or an entire factory. This is possible thanks to the standardised meta models, interfaces and semantics. The information is structured in submodels according to different use cases and enables cross-manufacturer exchange as well as accessibility to customers, users and administrations.

  • The AAS implements the Digital Twin for Industry 4.0
  • Industry-neutral standard for cross-company communication
  • Exchange of information across manufacturers through open standards
  • Access-control for each submodel

PCF of a Control Cabinet

Fast Track to the Product Carbon Footprint with the DPP4.0

The ZVEI showcase PCF@Control Cabinet demonstrates the DPP4.0 in action. Each product used to assemble the cabinet comes with the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0. Among others, it contains the information regarding the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). By scanning the identification link, the system integrator can automatically determine the PCF value of a product and uses the data to calculate the PCF of the entire cabinet.

  • Online documentation for easy access and reduction of paper waste
  • Documentation and provision of sustainability indicators
  • Automated and effortless usage of information of the supplied products


The use of digital documentation directly saves paper and plastic, as the required documents no longer have to be physically enclosed with the product. In addition, information on the sustainability of the product can be made available to customers and users.

Global Access

The identification link to the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 can be used to access product information from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Depending on the application, product information can be retrieved in human- and/or machine-readable form.

Using Valid Standards

The Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 builds on the identification link (IEC 61406) and the Asset Administration Shell (IEC 63278), which are already widely used in industry. The identification link provides access to the product information, which is structured by means of the AAS including its submodels and can be interpreted uniformly.

Saving Time & Costs

For both the manufacturer and the user, the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 saves time and costs by providing direct digital access to documents, certificates, safety and usage instructions in different languages. Since product information is also available in machine-readable form, it can be automatically integrated into processes.


Accessible product information for all users

The Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 contains a globally unique and machine-readable identifier that makes information about a product digitally available to different users. Manufacturers, customers, users and authorities access relevant information, such as documents, certificates and labels, via the same identifier.

Explanatory Video

Learn more about the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0, its benefits and potentials in the following explanatory video.
Did you know that ZVEI has already presented an application of the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 to the German Chancellor at the Digital Summit 2022? You find the video below as well.

Olaf Scholz experiences the PCF monitoring on Digital Summit 2022

The ZVEI showcase PCF@Control Cabinet applies the Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0 and was part of the exhibit tour.

Digital Product Passport for Industry 4.0

Find out how the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is calculated using the DPP4.0 for own and purchased products along the value chain.